SafetyShield® Safety & Security Window Film

SafetyShield by Madico safety and security films and proprietary Anchoring Restraint Systems reduce the risk of death, personal injury, and property damage and loss caused by crime or natural disasters. The product is a 200-micron, multi-laminate window film specifically engineered to perform in the most demanding, life threatening situations.
SafetyShield deters the effects of:
• Bomb blasts
• Chemical Explosions
• Spontaneous breakage caused by nickel sulfide inclusion
• Earthquakes
• Storms
• Overhead/Slope Glazing
• Vandalism
• Unforeseen, life-threatening situations
These well-engineered safety & security products provide 24/7 passive protection that can be relied on the instant a threat occurs, substantially improving security for all buildings.
Available in both clear and solar control options to meet a variety of needs and requirements. The products can be installed only by certified Madico Premier Partners who have been thoroughly trained in all aspects of the film and anchoring systems.
SafetyShield films utilize a pressure sensitive adhesive.