Since 1983, Momaizah Metal Fabrication Factory LLC (MFF) has been a leading manufacturer in Saudi Arabia and the Gulf, of a variety of metal products, including playground equipment and laboratory furniture systems. Safety and quality are MFF is first and foremost consideration all our products are made in accordance with international safety and quality standards. As a result, organizations such as Saudi Aramco, SASREF (Saudi Shell Refinery), Saudi Chevron, Sabic and its affiliates such as Saudi Iron & steel Co. (Hadeed), Arabian Petrochemical Co. (Petrokemya) and others have included MFF as an approved manufacturer and supplier. MFF is an official member of IPEMA (International Play Manufacturers Association) and MFF is also certified by BQC  for ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 45001:2018.


We aspire to become a leading manufacturer, providing affordable solutions with innovative design, outstanding service and superior quality.


To manufacture a wide range of laboratory and hospital furniture, playground equipment, steel structures and shades to the highest standards of quality and safety; serving the industrial, public and private sectors in Saudi Arabia and the Middle east.


• Design:

Conceptual Designs; from idea to concept, MFF helps you develop the most efficient program. Highest standards of safety are taken into consideration while developing the designs.

• Approval of Drawings:
Our design engineers create CAD drawings of the product that present dimensions, scale and layout within the space. Once approved, the order goes into production.

• Shop Drawings:
Our design team provides each project with a set of documents that completely and accurately represents the products being built.

• Fabrication:
Fabrication begins as our engineers, technicians, fabricators, machine operators and skilled craftsmen work as a team to bring your products to life using high-tech, precision machinery.

• Quality Check:
During and after the production stage, a thorough quality check is performed to ensure the manufactured items are accurate and comply to specifications.

• Delivery:
The products are crated, palletized and properly loaded for transportation, while a second quality check is performed.